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Staff Training


Image by Tim Mossholder

Programming begins with a needs assessment. The needs assessment will include formalized OT assessments as well as questions customized to your clients, staff, and administration.

Possible programming topics include:

- Personal health and wellness

- Home management

- Educational readiness

- Employment readiness

- Family wellness

- Stress management

- Community navigation and mobility

and so much more!

Outcomes will be aimed to decrease reliance on services and increase health and independence for your clients. 

Staff Training


Staff training provided may include topics such as:

- Staff health and wellness

- Work-life balance strategies

- Strategies to promote client health and wellness


Image by Mikael Kristenson

If you and your organization want to increase your client's health and independence, Empower Occupational Therapy Services can provide you with expert, evidence-based guidance.  If you want to increase client participation, decrease staff compassion fatigue, and maximize your outcomes, an occupational therapy perspective may be just what you need!

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