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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

This week I set an intention to "be brave," yet I found myself halting at every step of the way. I just got off a two hour call with a now-new-business friend. She helped several things come together for me.

Being brave and gutsy doesn't just have to be scary, it can be fun.

I've been watching excited youtubers, meeting with other people who are on fire and that fire translates to their business. I've been befuddled as to where all of this energy comes from. Then I realized: it's straight from their passion. When your passion is present and foremost, the scary things like figuring out your business finances, reaching out to that intimidating potential client, justifying your work with research, *writing another blog post,* fall into place because they are a direct product of your passion. My passion is empowering people from every walk of life to build the life for themselves and their families that they have been wanting to live. I'm willing to do a lot of scary things for that.

If the thing I have to do in question is icky, it likely isn't consistent with me and therefore my business.

I've been avoiding Instagram like the plague. I don't think you guys want to see that many pictures of my cats or how my tea turned out this morning. It just doesn't feel authentic for where I am right now. However, starting a YouTube channel, getting that blog post published, and meeting with likeminded and like-spirited people- I'm excited to do those things! And once I tap into my passion, the scary aspects are worth overcoming.

Above all else: I want to connect with people.

I've been attempting a more rigid schedule with super specific goals and aims, limiting my time to connect with other entrepreneurs, organizations, and potential clients. My best days are when I connect with people, we have amazing conversations, and we both walk away with more energy. The best part of starting my business is befriending people and learning about how they are putting their passion into action to make the world a better place- and now we can do it together!

Be gutsy.

It's taken some time for me to reflect and reconnect to my passion. However, whenever I come into contact with it, it is totally worth the time and effort. Take the time to find your passion again if you haven't for a while- and then come tell me all about it:)

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