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Identity Bits and Pieces

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hello everyone! Thank you for waiting for me!

I have wanted to write thoughtfully, and lately I've been a little bit out of steam. Part of that is related to my surprise indoor pool last week (thankfully mostly recovered and have good insurance), and that life can feel more like a "grind" sometimes.

I've had a lot of shifts in my identity over the last few years. I went from being faculty back to being a practitioner, an Ohio resident to an NC resident, stepping away from church, coming out, even cutting my hair short again! After lots of shifts and upheaval, for the first time in my life I feel that I can settle into more of who I am- I am not in school, moving imminently, or facing another major shakeup. I feel that I can finally rest into a routine. While this is amazing, I find it disconcerting- shouldn't I be in some major project? Learning something about myself? Making crazy strides?

What I am hoping to do (finally) after so much change is check in with what hasn't changed. I love my partner, my cats, my family. I love getting to be myself, and now I can do that more honestly than ever before. I find that I still talk to God sometimes, even though church is really hard, even impossible, for me to be in right now.

What remains is that I want to keep growing as a person (shout out to my amazing therapist Crow Roberts, staying the course with me!) and as a professional. I want to sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly, explore this incredible existence I have been gifted with. And sometimes rebelliously finish sentences with prepositions. :)

I want to do so much, live into so much, all while being present to the amazing ordinary of every day.

Thank you for reading, I am grateful to be on this journey with you!

Here is a picture of Quimby enjoying the moment like a true professional.

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